This is the 30th Security Service records release containing a total of 110 files and bringing the total number of Security Service records at The National Archives to 5,138.

As with previous releases, the majority of the records are personal files which relate to individuals (KV 2). The remainder are a combination of subject files (KV 3), and list files (KV 6) The records cover a range of subjects and span the inter-war, Second World War and post-war eras.

Highlights include:

Personal files are listed under the following categories:

  • German Intelligence Agents and Suspected Agents (KV2/3757 - 3764)
  • German Intelligence Officers (KV 2/3765)
  • Subject of Security Service Interest (KV2/3766 - 3780)
  • Soviet Intelligence Officers (KV2/3781)
  • Soviet Intelligence Agents and Suspected Agents (KV2/3782 -3798)
  • Right Wing Extremists (KV 2/3799- 3803)
  • Communists and Suspected Communists, including Russians and Communist Sympathisers (KV 2/3804-3845)
  • Subject files (KV3/436 - 441)
  • List files (KV6/111-125)