28 April 2003 releases

Catalogue ref. Date Description
CAB 134/2343 1959 Records of the Cabinet Office



Official Committee on the Middle East.

CO 967/91 1929 Records of the Colonial Office



Palestine: Committee of Enquiry into Disturbances of Aug 1929: Sir Walter Shaw's chairman's copy of evidence taken in camera.

DEFE 19/45 1952-59 Records of the Ministry of Defence



Future of atomic weapons programme.

FCO 8/272 1967-68 Records of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and predecessors. Contingency planning: Aden

Evacuation contingency plans for Aden, after warning about attacks on Shell oil company.

FCO 16/55 1967-68 Africa: position of Asian UK citizens



Deals with the difficulties of protecting British subjects in Africa if serious unrest arose.

FCO 16/230 1967-68 Military bases: US facilities in Caribbean.
FCO 17/811 1969 Jordan: United Kingdom relations



The Foreign Secretary, Michael Stewart, meets the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs in New York and Britain's Minister of State prepares to call on King Hussein. Briefing on arms sales to Jordan and discussion of the chance of a political settlement with Israel.

FCO 17/813 1969 Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FCO 23/2 1967-69 Prime Minister visit to Canada in February 1968
FCO 23/4 1968 Prime Minister visit to Canada in February 1968: record of talks

- Retiring Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson and British Prime Minister Harold Wilson exchange views on the Commonwealth, the EEC, the US balance of payments deficit, the Vietnam War, the Middle East, Greece and constitutional arrangements in Canada.

FCO 23/143
FCO 23/144

1967 Royal visit by H M The Queen for opening of Expo 67


Assessment of Queen's generally positive visit to Canada.

FCO 23/189 1967 Defence: Recruitment for British forces in the Irish Republic

- Objections by the Irish Republic.

FCO 23/192 1968 Legal affairs: IRA threat on Sir A. Gilchrist
FCO 27/94 1968 Cyprus: Greek/Turkish discussions on solution
FCO 31/408 1969 Soviet request for astronaut rescue facilities



The Soviet Union's apparent plan to use fishing boats in Ghana to rescue fallen astronauts.

FCO 33/621 1968-69 Federal Republic of Germany: policy on sale of arms.
FCO 33/757 1969 Republic of Ireland: Anglo-Irish relations



Deals with suggested UN involvement in Northern Ireland. Talks about possibility of Irish troops moving into Ulster.

FCO 33/778 1968-69 Republic of Ireland: Threats to United Kingdom Embassy staff in Dublin



Discussions on IRA threat to British Ambassador to Ireland.

FCO 35/176 1968 Economic warfare: Mandatory sanctions: "Stop list"

- Discusses the formation of a list stopping Rhodesian athletes from entering the UK.

FCO 35/186 1967 Economic warfare:

Evasion of sanctions: Tobacco quotas in Rhodesia.

FCO 35/206
FCO 35/207

1968 Oil supplies to Rhodesia.
FCO 35/300 1968-69 Rhodesian aspects of the Commonwealth



Prime Ministers meeting, January 1969.

FCO 46/41 1967-68 Further defence expenditure cuts following devaluation.
FCO 49/150 1968 Policy of removal of persons from Privy Counsellorship list:

includes possibility of Sir Hugh Beadle

Sir Hugh Beadle, Chief Justice in Rhodesia since 1961, stayed on in his post after Rhodesia unilaterally declared independence in 1965. He became a privy counsellor in 1964.

FO 371/133578 1958 Records created and inherited by the Foreign Office

- Japan: Political Departments: General correspondence from 1906.

HS 9/29/2 1939-46 Special Operations Executive:

Personnel files (PF series) - Edwin Hardy Amies, born 17.7.1909.

PREM 11/318 1951-52 Records of the Prime Minister's Office



Letter from Dr. Subasic former Prime Minister of the Yugoslav Government in exile, to the Prime Minister requesting interview to discuss the situation in Yugoslavia. Described by the Foreign Office as "rather pathetic and embarrassing".

PREM 15/1281 1970-72 Situation in Vietnam:

UK position; correspondence and discussions with President Nixon and others.

The nine re-inserted extracts are personal messages between the President and the Prime Minister. British government's concern over not being informed about renewed US bombing of Vietnam. Includes draft US proposals for ending of war.

T 318/72 1964-67 Records created and inherited by HM Treasury



An analysis of the sterling crisis of 1964-65.

WO 35/159B 1914-22 Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies

- Army of Ireland: Administrative and Easter Rising Records Courts of inquiry in lieu of inquest. Inquiries into suspected IRA killings of alleged spies.