Releases in 2003

Date Title of release
14 November Diana Mosley, Cecil Day-Lewis and German wartime plans to wage a bombing campaign using exploding cans of processed peas, all feature in this Security Service (MI5) release.
16 October World War Two HM Customs employing female searchers, and the security of British codes and ciphers are included.
25 September The 1926 General Strike, President Richard Nixon's 1969 European Tour, reports on suspected malnutrition in Britain during the Second World War, and more.
22 August Former Prime Minister Lord Avon (Sir Anthony Eden), Correspondence from Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 1941 Foreign Office files, and more.
24 July George Orwell's 1949 list of alleged Communist sympathisers, and files from 1941 on General de Gaulle and on the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, are included in this release.
22 May Atom bomb spy Klaus Fuchs, writers Compton MacKenzie and Arthur Koestler, and more.
12 May Newly released Special Operations Executive (SOE) files.
28 April Former dressmaker to the Queen Hardy Amies's personnel file, and correspondence between Prime Minister Edward Heath and US President Richard Nixon about Vietnam, are included in this release.
06 March England football captain Bobby Moore's arrest in Colombia, personal files of Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents, and more.
30 January King Edward VIII's 1936 abdication. Records include Cabinet minutes, letters from the King, and papers about Mrs Simpson.
02 January The abolition of the death penalty, conditions in Spandau Prison and an assassination attempt on Edward VIII, all feature in this release.
01 January Records relating to the main news stories of 1972, including stories on Northern Ireland that were featured in BBC Northern Ireland's TV programme, Cabinet Confidential.