2 January 2003 releases

Catalogue ref. Date Description
ADM 328/40 1966-82 Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies



Recovery of wreck of HMS MARY ROSE With press cuttings, protracted correspondence between the Ministry of Defence and other government departments about who now owns the wreck of this ship - once the pride of Henry VIII's fleet. At one point the MoD decide to drop a claim because they haven't got a budget to pay a salvage award for its recovery

AT 32/11 1963-76 Records created or inherited by the Department of the Environment, and of related bodies



Radiation hazards arising from unclassified incidents due to negligence or ignorance: reports and correspondence

CAB 128/25/1 1952 Records of the Cabinet Office



Previously closed extracts, now released and reunited with their parent piece: CC (52)

60th meeting (10) - Kashmir

70th meeting (6) - Chinese aircraft detained in Hong Kong

85th Meeting (5) - NATO - Chemical warfare policy

89th Meeting (10) - Soviet Union, George Bundock

CAB 129/50 1952 Previously closed extracts, now released and reunited with their parent piece under section 5(1) of the Public Records Act 1958



 - C. (52) 65: Swedish Defence

CAB 129/53/1 1952 Previously closed extracts, now released and reunited with their parent piece under section 5(1) of the Public Records Act 1958



- C. (52) 208: Biological warfare / Geneva Protocol


- C. (52) 243: Chinese aircraft detained in Hong Kong

CAB 81/94 1946 Meetings: 1(0)-77 (0)
CAB 183/7 1960-71 Southern Rhodesia: Zimbabwe; general papers
CAB 183/11 1948-62 House of Lords Reform: general papers
CAB 183/12 1962-63 Joint Committee on House of Lords Reform: deliberations, reports and action on recommendations
CAB 183/15 1957-64 Requests for televising the State Openings of Parliament
CAB 183/16
CAB 183/17

1962-70 Party political broadcasting by minor parties: Scottish National Party
CAB 183/18 1968-70 Party political broadcasting during general elections
CAB 183/19 1950-70 Party political broadcasting: allocation of time at general elections
CAB 183/20 1964-69 Murder (Abolition of the Death Penalty Act) 1965: general papers
CHAR 17/25 1980-84 Records of the Charity Commissioners and Charity Commission



Youth Training (established by The Workers Revolutionary Party): Vanessa Redgrave and others v. The Attorney General

EM 2/9 1926-27 Records of Special Commissioners of Income Tax

- Super tax

EW 19/486 1974-75 Records of the Department of Economic Affairs


Economic future of the West Midlands: correspondence from senior staff to Ministers and the Prime Minister regarding their disquiet over regional policy

FCO 17/916 1969 Records of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and predecessors

- Proposals to supply Israel with 250 Centurion and 250 Chieftain Tanks over a four year period

FCO 17/930 1968-69 Israeli attitude to the Non-Proliferation Treaty
FCO 57/17 1967 Honours and awards for Diplomatic Service: general policy
FO 93/124/34 1952 Records created and inherited by the Foreign Office

- Exchanges of Notes and Agreed Minutes. Financial Negotiations. IRAQ

FO 371/97930 1952 Soviet demand for payment for the use by the British occupation authorities in Germany of the telephone cable FK-12 from Berlin to Hanover
FO 371/98780/1 1952 Official visit to the UK by King Faisal II, accompanied by Regent of Iraq, Sept 1952 - preparations and publicity
FO 371/98821 1951-52 Annual review of events in Saudi Arabia
FO 371/98854 1952 Efforts to free British-protected persons enslaved in Saudi Arabia: especially Sawayah bin Khami's case
FO 371/101207
FO 371/101208
FO 371/101209

1952 Developments in dispute over Kashmir between Pakistan and India; United Nations efforts to resolve the dispute
FO 371/101211
FO 371/101213
FO 371/101214
FO 371/101215
FO 371/101216

1952 Developments in dispute over Kashmir between Pakistan and India; United Nations efforts to resolve the dispute
FO 371/101627 1952 Rumours of the engagement of King Badouin to Princess Marguerite of Savoy-Aosta; information on the Princess
FO 371/125022 1952-53 Possible requests by the Irish Republic to USA for the supply of arms
FO 1060/545
FO 1060/546

1951-52 Spandau prison: Vols II and III

Discussions about modifying the procedure for the disposal of deceased prisoners, also improving the conditions within the prison. Non-agreement between the western Allies and the USSR. Includes letter from Mrs Von Neurath to Mrs Churchill asking her to speak to Mr Churchill about the conditions her husband was being kept in. Also includes petition from Hess's comrades to UK High Commissioner for Germany for his release.

HO 45/23564 1921-27 Records created or inherited by the Home Office, Ministry of Home Security, and related bodies

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: Sentences of eighteen and twenty strokes of the cat for offences of robbery with violence.

HO 45/25405 1910-52 COURTS: Magistrates' Courts: presence of witnesses in court during the hearing of cases
HO 45/25423 1922-27 POLICE: Pension paid to the bigamous wife of a Metropolitan Police constable and allowances paid to the children of the union
HO 45/25581 1943-52 DISTURBANCES: Daily Worker newspaper: request for accreditation of war correspondent for the North African campaign; subversive propaganda; suggestion that names of registered readers be furnished to the police by newsagents
HO 45/25664 1951-52 PRISONS AND PRISONERS: Release and transfer of prisoners in the event of war: emergency legislation
HO 144/1714/B38538 1902 ROYAL - TITLE ROYAL AND ROYAL ARMS: Title Royal: Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club
HO 144/8512 1900-02 ROYAL - TITLE ROYAL AND ROYAL ARMS: Title Royal: Royal Borough of Kensington
HW 15/58
HW 15/59
HW 15/60
HW 15/61
HW 15/62

1947-48 Records created and inherited by Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)

Special reports prepared by Meredith Gardner, recording his findings in VENONA messages (Venona was the UK-US effort to intercept and decipher Soviet radio communications in the 1940s and 50s)

INF 12/265 1952 Records created or inherited by the Central Office of Information



`Daybreak in Udi' (disposal of Oscar award) Won an Oscar for best Documentary (Feature) in 1949: British Information Services. Crown Film Unit, producer

MEPO 2/3383 1941-52 Records of the Metropolitan Police Office

- Reduction of strength in "A" Department

MEPO 2/9155 1951-52 Police Constables H.C. Warlow and R. Tysoe: imprisoned for shop-breaking etc.
MEPO 2/9862 1959-62 The Dustbin Game: irregularities in the house to house collection in aid of Jewish refugees
MEPO 3/371 1927 William Ernest PIGGIN "professional blackmailer" demanding money with menaces from a clergyman: (paid over £1400 in a 3 year period)
MEPO 3/1713 1936-40 George Andrew McMahon: attempt on the life of H.M. King Edward VIII at Constitution Hill on 16 July, 1936
MEPO 3/2449 1921-33 Control of aliens travelling between United Kingdom and Channel Islands



There are echoes of Sangatte in this file regarding the illegal entry of aliens into the UK vie the Channel Islands. A group of Algerian pedlars figure predominantly in police investigations and the file contains an anomymous tip off note of their whereabouts.

MH 52/768 1952 Records created or inherited by the Ministry of Health and successors, Local Government Boards and related bodies

- Public Health Inspector's dismissal.

PREM 11/215 1951-52 Records of the Prime Minister's Office

- Application by Lord Addison for pension under Political Offices (Pensions) Act 1869.

PREM 11/272 1952 Court martial on Lieutenant Commander Mars: report from Admiralty
PREM 11/1794 1957 Delivery of Soviet submarines to Egypt
PREM 11/2782 1959 Prime Minister's correspondence with HM The Queen

on Parliamentary and Cabinet business during her absence abroad. It includes updating her on progress toward a European Free Trade Area and debate over the implications of the proposed Channel Tunnel. It also expresses Harold Macmillan's concern over the negotiations with the USSR and other Western countries over the division of Berlin.

PREM 11/3480 1958-59 Letters from Prime Minister to HM The Queen



The Paris conference features strongly. Harold Macmillan discusses some of the personal attributes of Charles de Gaulle, describing him as "proud but not vain" and mentions the "sometimes unintelligible Americanisms of the US president". It also contains amusing anecdotal stories of the conference, including the PM's falling asleep during a German speech on the dangers of communism.

PREM 11/3962 1951-62 Administration of Civil List
PREM 11/4437 1962 Letters from the Prime Minister to HM The Queen
PREM 13/706 1966 Attorney General sent Prime Minister copy of report on Rhodesia
PREM 13/3129 1964-69 Understanding between United Kingdom and United States on use of UK bases; exchange of nuclear information and co-operation on defence; authority for initiation of use of nuclear weapons
PREM 13/3427 1964 -70 Correspondence between members of the Royal Family and Harold Wilson



Prince Charles and Salmon fishing: (PREM 13/3450)

PREM 15/721 1970-71 US policy on Soviet activities in Cuba: facilities at Cienfuegos; relation to Kennedy - Krushchev understanding



Covers the versions given by Kissinger and the CIA

WO 216/760 1951-52 Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies



Anti Chinese propaganda: letter from Foreign Office

WO 216/775 1952 Koje-Do POW camp Korea: report by O C Peterforce
WO 310/51 1945-48 Montedinove, Italy: killing of British and Belgian POWs