Policy Files

Policy Files

(KV 4/197-204)

SIME Special Section

(KV 4/197)

This is believed to be the only surviving file of the Special Section of the Security Intelligence Middle East organisation, which operated deception and double agents against the Germans in the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Middle East during the Second World War. The file, which summarises the Special Section's operations, was put aside because of its historical interest when other Special Section records were destroyed at the end of the War. It covers the establishment and organisation of the Section, plans for deception operations (some of which were never carried out), including a few UK-based operations, methods and policy on control of agents and summaries of Special Section double agent cases, including that of CHEESE (see KV 2/1133). The file contains both contemporary war histories and original SIME Special Section papers.

Vetting policy

(KV 4/202-204)

This transfer includes a number of files dealing with the policy and practice of the vetting policy at the time of the Attlee declaration, and earlier.

KV 4/202, a reconstituted file, deals with the vetting of aliens seeking to join the Civil Service or companies engaged in sensitive work who had become British subjects by either naturalisation or by marriage from 1942 to 1946. The file refers to the procedures in general, and there are no particular references to individual cases or to aliens of particular origin. The context of the file relates principally to the need to secure appropriate personnel to undertake secret wartime munitions work.

KV 4/203, a reconstituted weeded file, deals with the policy on vetting fascists and communists in the Civil Service at the time of the Atlee declaration, including some correspondence on particular cases.

KV4/204, which is also a reconstituted weeded file, deals specifically with the policy on vetting of fascists in the Civil Service and sensitive industries after the War, including correspondence which addresses the question of why the same policy was being used against supporters of the (weak) fascist movements and those of the (perceived to be much more threatening) communists. There are file notes by future director general Roger Hollis on this subject.