Subject Files

Subject Files

(KV 3/40-56)


(KV 3/41 and KV 3/56)

KV 3/41 deals with security problems in the British administered mandate of Palestine after the Second World War caused by illegal Jewish immigration, Jewish terrorism and Arab activities from 1946 to 1948. It is one of very few Security Service files on Palestine in this period to survive. The file includes two surveys of the activities of Zionist extremists in the UK, in 1946 and 1948, and contains notes for the Director General's meeting with Prime Minister Atlee in August 1946 on threatened Jewish terrorism (including warnings of attacks against the detention centres in Cyprus and intelligence that five cells were to be set up in London by Irgun and Stern working along IRA lines). The file does not cover the 1946 Irgun bomb attack on the British Embassy in Rome. There are also scripts for a number of lectures on the subject, a note on the security situation in the Middle East prepared for the Chief of Imperial General Staff (Montgomery) in March 1947, and a note on the work of the Middle East section of the Security Service (which controlled SIME).

Reconstituted file KV 3/56 (which was heavily weeded in the 1950s) deals with the general question of Jewish immigration from Europe into the British controlled mandate of Palestine, and now consists mainly of summaries of developments in 1946 and 1947, including some well-known cases and personalities, British operations, immigration quotas, reports on emigration from various Western European countries, and a list of businesses known to be or suspected of being involved in illegal immigration activity. There is also a copy of the Illegal Immigration Review no 2 (16 June to 15 July 1947), a summary of developments in that month.

Reports on Fascist Activities

(KV 3/50-52)

These three reconstituted files consist of reports made on a monthly basis by Branch B1C of the Service to the Home Office of the activities of British Fascists, Fascist organisations and suspected Fascists from December 1945. Some monthly reports are indexed. The reports include information on the activities of Edward Hamm (see KV 6/1-7).