Stories with possible international interest

Stories with possible international interest

Canada: Igor Gouzenko case

Denmark: TABLE TOP investigation

France: case of André Malraux

Iraq/Iran: double agent KISS; Combined Intelligence Centre, Iraq

Ireland: German agents intended to be dropped by submarine, by small boat or by air into the Republic, either to foster armed action against the British, or to infiltrate into the United Kingdom, or to report intelligence back to Germany – Dublin, Athlone, Tuam, Wexford, south west Ireland (Cork City, Dingle, Skibereen, Minard, Limerick). Plan Kathleen (proposed invasion of Northern Ireland). Schütz's escape from Mountjoy prison, other Germans interned there

Israel/Palestine/Jews: Security Service perception of American views on Jews; activities of various Jewish organisations (included in the release but not referred to here)

Namibia (South West Africa): cases of Otto Dietergaertner and Herbert Tributh, two German Wermacht NCOs born in South West Africa sent to Ireland from Germany with the intention of infiltrating into the United Kingdom and carrying out sabotage

Portugal: Adolf Nogenstein, Gestapo agent in Portugal at the end of the Second World War; use by Germans of Portugal as a route for secret ink intelligence sent by GELATINE

Russia: case of Rose Cohen and David Petrovskiy, UK collaboration with Soviet intelligence agents in Iran. Soviet agents generally, and especially in Switzerland

Switzerland: 'Rote Drei' agents, German intelligence officers Willy Piert and Hans von Pescatore, OGPU agent Renata Bernhard-Steiner

USA and the Caribbean: Security Service representation in the USA and British Caribbean, including assessment of the 'negro problem'

Yugoslavia: treatment of double agents after the expulsion of the German forces; Mihajlovic's source in the Gestapo (Nogenstein case).