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This table lists the individual records opened in October 2005 as a result of Freedom of Information requests. In a small number of cases, the record will appear in the subsequent month’s list because action to update the Catalogue, and enable direct ordering, has not been completed.

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Catalogue ref. Date Description
Civil Aviation Authority
DR 5/9 1938-1964 Hawker Siddeley Aviation Limited: Bitteswell Aerodrome and other sites
Colonial Office
CO 1021/9 1952-1954 Compilation of official record of guests invited and given seats at the Coronation; protest from Pitcairn Island about a guest styling herself 'Princess of Pitcairn Island'
Directorate of Army Staff Duties
DEFE 70/15 1976 May 19 - 1977 Mar 01 Defence Review: reorganisation of Army Air Corps units (UKLF and BAOR) under Army Restructuring Plan
Drug Addiction
MH 154/820 1974 Jan 01-1982 Dec 31 Phoenix House (formerly Featherstone Lodge) Therapeutic Community, London for former drug users: reports, papers and correspondence; speech by the Secretary of State at the General Annual Meeting 24 June 1980
HO 144/1672/342587 1917-1921 Dangerous Drugs and Poisons: Restrictions on sales and importation of cocaine and opium
Foreign Office
FO 1004/244 1956-1959 Hesse, Prince Louis and Princess Margaret
BW 91/1028 1964-1976 Correspondence and papers; collaboration with IUC in recruitment for University of Guyana Faculty of Technology
Health and Safety Executive
EF 14/187 1999 Jan 01 - 2000 Dec 31 Background Documents, Volume D9b: meetings and correspondence between Rail Safety Policy Group and other departments


EF 15/102 1998 Jan 01-2000 Dec 31 General issues arising from internal inquiry by the Health and Safety Executive on events leading up to the Ladbroke Grove rail accident: Railtrack accident and signals passed at danger reports