The Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks (CAB 195/7)

September 2006

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The Cabinet Secretaries' Notebooks (CAB 195/7)

This Notebook covers the meetings from 12 January 1949 to 27 April 1950 of Clement Attlee's Cabinet. It covers a range of topics including the National Health Service, the Blood Sports Bill, German reparations, the use of the National Health Service by aliens and the 1950 General Election.

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Key topics and examples from the notebooks:

Census of Distribution



Lynskey Report

Germany: Reparations

Blood Sports Bills

Prevention of Corruption

Ireland Bill

National Health Service

Economic Situation

Use of National Health Service by Aliens

Council of Europe

South East Asia & Far East

Bechuanaland: Chieftainship of Bamangwato Tribe

The General Election