Significant events of 1977

December 2007

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Significant events of 1977

3 January 1977: Roy Jenkins MP resigns
Roy Jenkins MP resigns as MP for Stetchford, Birmingham to take office as first British president of the EEC Commission.
3 February 1977: Devolution plans
The Government announced plans for referenda for Scotland and Wales under its devolution proposals.

3 February 1977: HM The Queen's Silver Jubilee Year
Bells rang out and gun salutes were fired throughout Britain to herald the beginning of the Silver Jubilee year

28 February 1977: Defence cuts
The Defence Secretary, Fred Mulley announced a £200 million reduction in the defence budget through deferments in the equipment programme and in construction.

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23 March 1977: Liberal Pact agreement
A last minute agreement is reached between the Government and the Liberal Party to work together in the ´pursuit of economic recovery´.

8 April 1977: Rhodesia
The Foreign Secretary announced the Government was to hold an inquiry into allegations that major British oil companies had been breaking sanctions against Rhodesia.

7 May 1977: 7-nation meeting in London
The Prime Minister opened the 7-nation summit meeting at 10 Downing Street. The conference ended with a joint declaration of seven pledges to prevent world economic disorder and create more jobs, especially for the young.

6 June 1977: Start of the Silver Jubilee Week
The Queen and Prince Philip lit the first of a chain of countrywide bonfires to mark the start of celebrations.

16 June 1977: Nuclear Test Ban talks
The Prime Minister announced that Britain would join the USA and Russia in talks on a comprehensive ban on nuclear bomb tests.

18 July 1977: Drax B power station go-ahead
Tony Benn, Energy Secretary announced to the Commons that the Central Electricity Generating Board should go ahead with the order for Drax B power station at a cost of £600 million.

17 August 1977: New advanced missiles
The Ministry of Defence announced the armed forces would be receiving new advanced guided missiles, worth more that £400 million over the next decade.

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September 1977: Margaret Thatcher MP visits the USA
Margaret Thatcher MP, leader of the opposition, goes on an official visit of the USA accompanied by her husband, Denis.

22 November 1977: Defeat for proposed Scottish Assembly
The Government was defeated in the Commons on its Bill to establish a Scottish Assembly and its proposal to stage the first elections for an Assembly on a proportional representation basis.