Gordon Perry: suspected of working for the Nazis

April 2008

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Gordon Perry: suspected of working for the Nazis

Gordon Perry's story makes compelling reading. The file names him as a suspected Nazi-sympathiser, as early as 1935, who lived in Germany until the outbreak of the war.

The file contains two statements in his defence, one from himself and one from his German fiancée, Gisela Olbrich. Perry contends that while on holiday in Hungary, he was trapped there by the outbreak of the war. After meeting a British Secret Service officer in Budapest, Perry describes that, because he was a fluent German speaker, it was arranged he would work as a double agent in Germany. Some time later he claims he was kidnapped near the border, taken into Germany and was held and beaten by the Gestapo. His narrative follows on with descriptions of the various internment camps and hospitals he stayed in during the war. He contended that any work he had done for the Germans had been forced on him.

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