Significant events of 1978

December 2008

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Significant events of 1978

30 December 2008

25 Jan 1978
The Government's plan for devolution was defeated three times in the Commons during the committee stage of the Scotland Bill.

14 February 1978
Mrs Thatcher rejected the Prime Minister's offer for early inter-party talks to reach a "national approach" to the immigration issue.

3 April 1978
House of Commons radio broadcast
The first permanent radio broadcasts of House of Commons proceedings began.

25 May 1978
Lib-Lab pact dissolved
Mr David Steel, the Liberal leader, announced that the Lib-Lab pact would end when the Parliamentary session came to a close.

14 June 1978
Prime Minister threatens early General Election
The Government had a majority of five votes, 287-282, on a motion of confidence after the Prime Minister had threatened an early General Election if it was defeated.

1 July 1978
50th anniversary of equal voting for women
A ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of equal voting for women was held in the gardens adjoining the Houses of Parliament.

5 July 1978
Embargo banning sales of British arms to Spain lifted
The 14-year-old embargo on the sale of British arms to Spain was lifted.

17 July 1978 
Police pay increase
Home Secretary, Mr Rees, announced that policemen were to get an average salary increase of 40% paid in two equal instalments, the first on 1 September 1978, and the second a year later.
26 July 1978
Proposal to introduce fourth TV channel
The Government published its White Paper on broadcasting with a proposal to introduce a service on the fourth T.V channel.

24 August 1978
Prevention of Terrorism Act
The review of the operation of the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1974 and 1976 published.

6 September 1978
Lord Thomson of Monifieth, the former Labour Cabinet Minister, issued a statement defending his handling of Rhodesian oil sanctions when he was Commonwealth Secretary from August 1967 to October 1968.

7 September 1978
Prime Minister announced no General Election
The Prime Minister, after telling the Cabinet that he intended to begin a new Parliamentary session in October, announced on television that there would be no General Election. 

2 October 1978
Wage restraints rejected
The Labour Party Conference at Blackpool carried a resolution rejecting any Government restraint on wages and opposed the Government's five per cent limit for increases.

4 October 1978
The Labour Party Conference voted unanimously that there should be no cover-up on the breaking of economic sanctions against Rhodesia.

5 October 1978
Police investigation in Liberal Party finances
The Director of Public Prosecutions made clear that there would be no police investigation into the finances of the Liberal Party.

9 November 1978
Government defeats vote of no confidence
Helped mainly by Ulster Unionist votes, the Government defeated a Conservative amendment of no confidence, at the end of a seven-day debate on the programme for the new Parliamentary session.

6 December 1978
Prime Minister refuses membership to the European Monetary System
The Prime Minister told the Commons that Britain would not join the European Monetary System but that the UK would be free to join the exchange rate mechanism at a later date if it wished.

10 December 1978
Labour manifesto leaked to communist newspaper
The confidential draft of Labour's election manifesto, "Keep Britain Labour", was leaked to the Communist Morning Star newspaper.