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FOI request reference: F0055391
Publication date: January 2019


Government funding allocation




Every four years, the UK Government undertakes a spending review. The National Archives, along with other government departments, submits a proposal to HM Treasury which covers our funding requirement to deliver against our statutory duties as laid out in the Public Records Act:

As a government department providing a public service, we are able to charge for some statutory services (as defined by the Public Records Act) on a cost recovery basis. We review all Fees regularly in line with Managing Public Money guidance ( The prices charged are approved by HM Treasury and are set at a level that will recover full costs, ensuring that The National Archives neither profits at the expense of consumers nor makes a loss for taxpayers to subsidise.

Whilst Record Copying is available to any member of the public, not every member of the public uses it, of those that do use it, some users are from outside of the UK. It is therefore inappropriate that the costs of delivering this service should be met by government funding which comes from every taxpayer.

When we receive confirmation of our government funding allocation, we plan service levels accordingly. We also conduct research into user experiences and seek feedback from our audiences.

Our approved Government Funding is £33m for 2018-19 (

You can also find out more about the funding we receive from Treasury via our annual reports.