DCDC Conference

FOI request reference: F0047678
Publication date: January 2017

Title Information relating to the DCDC Conference
FOI request reference: F0047678
Response sent: January 2017


Attachment to be requested as request was received as a letter

Outcome: Successful/ some information not held


Thank you for your letter dated 9th December 2016 requesting further information regarding our contribution to DCDC conferences since 2013. This letter is being treated as an information request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

The 2013 conference, you will recall, was entitled EIIE conference. Therefore as stated in my previous response (ref: F0047399) for ease of communicating when reference is made to the ‘DCDC conference’ this relates to all years covered by the request. If I may I shall address each of your points in turn:

1. Personnel

As previously stated, The National Archives is unable to provide this information. Staff are not required to complete timesheets or log work tasks in the level of detail you request. Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act we are not required to create information to satisfy an information request.

2. Marketing

In 2016 we spent £4,665.23 on marketing, collateral and materials.

3. Finance – contract, grants, agreements

There is no contract or grant agreement between The National Archives and RLUK. There is a general memorandum of understanding between The National Archives and RLUK which is available on the following link: http://www.rluk.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/mou-tna-rluk-2014.pdf.

4. Finance – correspondence with RLUK

With regards to your request relating to any related ‘correspondence’, this part of your request is exempt under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act as it exceeds the reasonable cost limit (section 12 of the Act). As an illustration to the breadth of correspondence involved, just one team here at The National Archives had in excess of 1000 pieces of correspondence.

The Information Commissioner’s Officer has guidance notes on its website designed to aid enquirers in making information requests:

Making a request

Cost limit guidance

5. Finance – 2017 budget

No budget has been planned for the 2017 conference. The total cost incurred so far is £60.

6. Finance – staff travel and accommodation

Below are figures for staff travel and accommodation for the DCDC conference, covering the period 2013 to 2017. These figures are a fair and accurate review of our financial systems locating all entries recorded as being linked to staff travel/accommodation with respect to the DCDC conference.

Please note that staff attendees include those on the delivery team, delegates (attending for continued professional development), speakers, workshop conveners and panel chairs.

2013 – £1342.00
2014 – £3620.19
2015 – £5848.00
2016 – £7527.00
2017 – £60.00

7. Finance – joint research
The total cost of the joint research was £7,800.