Electronic medical records system

FOI request reference: F0045568
Publication date: May 2016


Q1 When archiving RiO (electronic medical records system) what procedure do you follow to extract the required information?
Q2 What software is used to extract RiO records for archive from a relevant NHS Trust?
Q3 What is your criteria to select RiO records for archive?
Q4 Please provide all copies of procedures/guidance of how to transfer between NHS Trust and National Archives selected RiO records for archive.


No information held


Any NHS records relating to individual patients would be transferred to local places of deposit appointed under section 4 of the Public Records Act. Current guidance on NHS records management (including Public Records Act matters) can be found in the NHS Records Management Code issued by HSCIC on behalf of Department of Health. The current Code can be found here:


As transfer of any selected records is not required until records reach 30 (decreasing to 20) years old, no records produced by RiO systems will have yet reached the point where transfer would be necessary. Given the relatively recent date of RiO, no records from that will have been selected for transfer under the Act as yet.