Expenditure, employees and retirees

FOI request reference: F0044478
Publication date: January 2016


Following information is required under FOI act.

1.Earnings of this department during the period from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015.
2.Expenditures during the same period mentioned above.
3. Numbers of employees retired from this department during the period mentioned above.
4.Numbers of new appointed employees during the period mentioned above.




I can confirm that The National Archives holds information relevant to your request and we are pleased to be able to provide this information to you.

Earnings during the period specified were £11.004m. Expenditures were £40.730m. These figures include capital expenditure but do not include depreciation.

There were 12 retirements during the period specified and 80 new appointments, including transfers in to The National Archives.