Files with the prefix “HIM”

FOI request reference: F0056381
Publication date: April 2019


Under FOI, I am requesting the following information:

a) A list of all files submitted by the Department of Health to TNA, where the original prefix of those files began with the letters “HIM”. (Examples of “HIM” files that are available can be found at the end of this request). Please include the dates of those submissions / transfers received at TNA (where known) and the outcome of the selection for permanent preservation process. For example, whether the file was selected for preservation or destroyed.

Examples of HIM Files…




I can confirm that The National Archives holds information relevant to your request.

Please see the attached spreadsheet ( that contains a list of all 69 digital records received from the Department of Health with an original ‘HIM’ prefix. These records are part of series JA 418, which consists of evidence submitted to the Penrose Inquiry. These “born digital” records were transferred to The National Archives in December 2015 in electronic format and are available to download from our website. The spreadsheet contains the TNA reference, original filename, description and a URL link to the files on our online catalogue, Discovery. The original HIM prefix can be seen in the ‘Description’ field in the spreadsheet. 20 of the files are closed records, but there are redacted versions that are available to download.
Public record bodies have the responsibility to plan, manage, and make the decisions regarding the management and disposal of the public records in their care in line with the Public Records Act and Information Rights legislation. Whilst the Keeper’s responsibility under the Public Records Act 1958 is to provide guidance and supervision to public record bodies on the safekeeping, selection and preservation of the public record it is the transferring department’s responsibility to make decisions about which records to select for permanent preservation. If you are looking for information about HIM records that may not have been selected for permanent preservation you will need to contact the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC). Please see contact details below:

Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries Unit
Department of Health and Social Care
39 Victoria Street
United Kingdom

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More information about the transfer process and the advice and guidance TNA provide to departments can be found on our website: