FOI request on Brexit contingency

FOI request reference: F0049865
Publication date: September 2017


International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, speaking on BBC1’s Sunday Politics on 16/07/17, stated that all Government departments had their own “contingency plan” in case there is “no deal” reached on Brexit by March 2019.

  • Did the National Archives have such a “contingency plan” on 16/07/17?
  • If it did, what date was the National Archives’ “contingency plan” for “no deal” on Brexit completed?
  • If it did not have such a “contingency plan” for “no deal” on Brexit on 16/07/17, does the National Archives have one now?”


No information held


We note that the Secretary of State’s quote was that “Government departments across Whitehall are all working on their contingency plans”. For the most part these ‘contingency plans’ are not a single bound document of some kind, but a programme of assessments being made across each organisation’s remit, taking account of current developments in coordination with The Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) and, in the case of executive agencies and arms-length bodies, their associated department. In addition, given the fluid nature of the negotiations, it is prudent for those contingency plans being undertaken to be regularly revised and updated to reflect the current situation.

DExEU is responsible for overseeing and coordinating work on the UK’s approach to the negotiations with the EU.

TNA is working closely with DExEU and its parent department, The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Therefore in response to your request,

1) not held
2) n/a
3) not held

For further information, please contact DExEU.