Legal services

FOI request reference: F0043462
Publication date: October 2015


I would like to know the amount of money your department spent on the services of external law firms and barristers over each of the last five years (years ending March 31). If this is not possible within the restrictions of the Freedom of Information Act, three years of data will suffice. If this is not possible, two years of data are acceptable.

Please exclude legal services provided by the Government Legal Department. However, please include legal services that the Government Legal Department has outsourced to a third party.


Partially successful


We are unable to provide you with some of the information you have requested because it is not held by The National Archives. We are unable to accurately calculate the legal costs outsourced to third parties by the Government Legal Department due to our invoices not containing sufficiently detailed information. We are therefore unable to provide this information to you.

We advise that you make an FOI request to the Government Legal Department for this information through the following contact details:

Government Legal Department
One Kemble Street


We are able to provide details of the money spent by The National Archives on external law firms and barristers over the past 5 years. Please see below for a breakdown of these costs by year:

2011:     £122,000
2012:     £67,000
2013:     £108,000
2014:     £100,000
2015:     £110,000