Missing or lost documents

FOI request reference: F0045848
Publication date: June 2016


Under the terms of the FOI Act, please would you supply a list of all National Archives files reported as missing or lost from 1st January 2012 until the present. Where possible, please provide the last known date each file was accessed.




Please see the attached spreadsheet. This lists 402 documents that have been reported as missing from January 2012 and are still missing. This list includes the date the file was recorded as missing, the document reference, title and covering date and the date the file was last accessed.

This sheet includes only the documents that have been reported as missing and are still currently missing. Once a document has been located it is no longer listed as missing on our systems.

Where the report shows a date for the last order which is after the missing date this is usually because that record was found to have been missing at the point of the next request and the missing date has been amended to the last successful production date for the record.