Organisational Charts

FOI request reference: F0047719
Publication date: December 2016

Title – Organisational Charts

FOI request reference: F0047719

Response sent: December 2016

Outcome Unsuccessful

Please can I have a organisation structure of all IT, Procurement, Finance and HR services within your organisation, including team name, phone number and team managers name?


Section 21 of the FOIA exempts us from providing you with information if it is already reasonably accessible by other means. The National Archives already publishes an organisational chart, down to head of department level, on our website, which can be found here:

This chart includes the team names. Details about contacting The National Archives, including our telephone number, can be found here:

Further guidance on section 21 can be found here:

At The National Archives we have applied the general principle that members of staff at Head of Department level and above are sufficiently senior for their names and/or job titles to already be in the public domain and are therefore not exempt from release, while publishing the names of junior members of staff would be considered an unfair use of personal data. As such, the names and positions of junior officials are withheld under section 40 (2) of the FOI Act.

Section 40 exempts personal information about a ‘third party’ (someone other than the requester), if revealing it would breach the terms of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. The DPA prevents personal information from release if it would be unfair or at odds with the reason why it was collected, or where the subject had officially served notice that releasing it would cause them damage or distress. Junior members of staff would have no expectation that information about their positions would be made available in the public domain; to do so would be unfair and contravene the first data protection principle of the DPA 1998.

For further information regarding requests for public authority employee data, please see the Information Commissioner’s Office guidance found here: