Popular Files

FOI request reference: F0041139
Publication date: February 2015


I am interested in finding out which are the most popular files requested by readers. I am also interested in discovering how popular these files were. Therefore, can you please provide the following information?

  1. A sequential list of the 100 most requested files for each of the last 25 calendar years?
  2. Can you also include the number of times each of these files were requested in each of these years?

If possible, I would prefer this information in a spread sheet/table with as much information about each file as possible (e.g. with columns including release date, file description, file date, etc.).

Finally, could you please also confirm how far back you hold this kind of statistical information?




  1. I am pleased to be able to provide you with the information you have requested from 1994 to the current year. This information only relates to requests to view original records in our reading rooms.
  1. We do not hold any information regarding frequency of document orders prior to 1994; therefore this information is not held. Please find attached an excel spread sheet providing this information with the series and files listed by frequency of order.

Yearly Top 100 Most Popular Original Documents (XLS, 0.50MB)