Raw data from an Office of National Statistics report

FOI request reference: F0048492
Publication date: March 2017


I would like to submit a freedom of information request for the raw data your office used in order to produce the report attached below. I don’t need names or addresses or anything confidential I just need information on the salary levels for different education levels, if possible linked to the persons age.

This is for my statistics coursework where I am investigating the link between education and employment.


No information held


This report was compiled by the Office of National Statistics and not by The National Archives; therefore I am unable to supply the information you are interested in as it is not held by us. I would suggest that you contact the Office of National Statistics direct as their records may better suit area of study.

We, The National Archives, are responsible for the administration of the Open Government Licence scheme. As such our contact details have been placed at the end of the Office of National Statistics report with respect to the reuse of data under this scheme and not because we had any involvement in the commissioning, researching or writing of this report. I apologise for any confusion caused.

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