Record requisition figures by Government department 2017

FOI request reference: F0051279
Publication date: January 2018


I would like a list of the number of files requested back from TNA by departments in the last available year of statistics and broken down by the name of the departments (or agencies).




A total of 4933 records were requested from The National Archives by other government departments in the calendar year 2017.

Access a PDF listing a breakdown of this figure by department.

It might be useful to you if I explain government departments requirements for accessing records, and their responsibilities when doing so under Section 4(6) of the Public Records Act 1958.

Government departments can request the return of records for the conduct of official business, for a loan or exhibition or for publication.

In some cases, a large number of records will be recalled for the purposes of preparing for a public inquiry.

Under the Public Records Act, departments are temporarily responsible for loaned records in their care.