Release dates of Orgreave files

FOI request reference: F0048092
Publication date: February 2017

Title Release dates
FOI request reference: F0048092
Response sent: February 2017


I am writing to ask if you could tell me the specific date in which the file concerning Orgreave will be released and if possible the dates on intelligence and security files in the next year. I am undertaking research into how release and the information contained within public documents is used on Twitter. Because of this, I am looking to known the specific date of the files being released so that I can have everything ready for the research on the day the files are released. I will not inform others about the specific date of the files and I am not asking for any information about what is contained within the files.

Outcome: No information held


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request dated 16th January 2017 with regards to the specific date when files concerning ‘Orgreave’ will be released by The National Archives. I can confirm that we do have records from the following file series on our file plans for transfer from the Home Office later this year:

HO 287 – Home Office: Police files
HO 325 – Home Office: Queens peace
HO 504 – Home Office: Inspectorate of Constabularies
HO 532 – Home Office: Security Planning

These file series are most likely to contain, as they deal with policing, the Queens peace and other security planning functions, further information relating to Orgreave. The actual transfer date of records within these series will depend on the government department (the Home Office) preparing and cataloguing them. Therefore should you wish to enquire further with regards to the transfer process we would suggest that you contact the Home Office direct. They will be better placed to advise on a completion date of these checks, preparations and cataloguing tasks which they are required to carry out prior to the transfer and release of these records to The National Archives.

Further to these records awaiting transfer a batch of material from the Home Office has recently been transferred to The National Archives. The attached inventory of records relates specifically to the miners’ strike in the 1980s.

The material listed in the attached inventory is currently on-site here at Kew and is undergoing formal cataloguing and processing onto our collections inventory. This material will be marked as ‘urgent’; however we are unable to give a definitive date as to when relevant catalogue tasks will be completed, when this information will placed on our on-line catalogue (Discovery) or when it will be freely available for public access. The records in the attached inventory are scheduled, once relevant catalogue tasks have been completed, to be opened and available for public access.

My colleagues within the Transfer and Access Team inform me that from date of receipt to all internal processing and catalogue procedures being completed 60 working days is an estimated time frame. I should like to note however that due to operational reasons this time frame should not be seen as a definitive date rather an estimated time frame for completion.

Therefore we are unable to provide a definitive and definite formal date when this information will be accessible. We suggest that you continue to monitor our website and on-line catalogue over the coming weeks for any further updates to the searchable catalogue.

I have undertaken a brief review of our on-line catalogue for the key search phrases “Orgreave” and “miners’ strike” within the date range 1980-1990; this revealed a handful of records which are either:

  • held in local archives (please contact the relevant archive direct for further access information)
  • retained by government department (please contact the relevant government department direct for further access information)
  • held here at The National Archives and already open. (currently open and accessible)

Should you wish to review our on-line catalogue in order to undertake your own research into information which is already accessible please use the following link;

I hope this information is of some use to you and I wish you all the best with your research.

Please use the following link to access the aforementioned inventory.