Royal Warrant Holders Correspondence

FOI request reference: F0043606
Publication date: October 2015




In which case can I refine to rephrase as “All correspondence held at the HMSO relating to the publication of the list of Royal Warrant Holders, from 1st January 2013 to the present day.”


We are pleased to be able to provide some of this information to you in the attached 15-page PDF.

We are unable to provide you with some of the information you have requested because it is covered by the exemption at section 40(2) of the FOIA, which exempts personal information about a ‘third party’ (someone other than the requester), if revealing it would breach the terms of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. The DPA prevents personal information from release if it would be unfair or at odds with the reason why it was collected, or where the subject had officially served notice that releasing it would cause them damage or distress.

In this case the exemption applies to the names and contact details of junior members of staff and members of the public. Therefore we have redacted the names and contact details of junior members of staff and members of the public from the correspondence attached.

Releasing personal information about junior members of staff or members of the public, who have not given express permission, would be deemed to be unfair, as there is no expectation that this information would be released into the public domain.  This would be unlawful under the DPA 1998 as it would be in breach of one or more of the Data Protection Principles and, under section 40(2) of the FOIA, we are not obliged to provide information that is the personal information of another person if releasing would contravene any of the provisions in the DPA 1998.