Scottish legislation published by the Office of the Queen Printer of Scotland

FOI request reference: F0055169
Publication date: January 2019


Civic Government Scotland Act, 1982

Under the above act and the subsection Part II Licensing and regulation of taxis subsection 11(1) testing on taxis.

Could you clarify the exact details of the testing as required under this act? As it does not state it’s for local council to decide

Can local council change this act on a local level and not though licensing committee meetings as it is a stipulated law?

Can you send any documents that relate to the testing of taxis under the act?


No information held


The Office of the Queen’s Printer of Scotland (OQPS) does not hold any information concerning the interpretation or application of the Civic Government Scotland Act, 1982 beyond that which is held on the website.

To answer the queries you posed and access the information you requested we recommend that you contact the relevant licensing authority as noted in Part 1 subsection 2 of the Civic Government Scotland Act, 1982. The relevant licensing authority will be the local authority within whose area the activity is, or is to be, carried on.