Sources of TNA funding

FOI request reference: F0052376
Publication date: May 2018


Are the funds from the HM Treasury the main source of funding the TNA? What does it mean that TNA has received a “government grant” in 2017-2018? This is a new way of financing TNA from the government?




Section 21 of the FOI Act 2000 exempts us from providing you with information if it is already reasonably accessible by other means.

For this reason, I will direct you to our transparency pages where you can find the sources of our funding for the period 2017-2018:

The process by which we receive government funding is agreed via “estimates,” but is more commonly known as grants. This is because HM Treasury ‘grants’ us the authority to consume resources. This link fully describes HM Treasury main estimates and provides details of various departments yearly funding. Our funding from government has been allocated in this way since The National Archives was created in 2003.

Further guidance on section 21 can be found at: