TNA Rebranding

FOI request reference: F0058041
Publication date: July 2019


I understand the cost of the new “identity” was £87k. Can you confirm if this figure was correct or not?




The total spent for The National Archives rebranding was £62,500, plus VAT where applicable. Our previous graphic identity was designed in 2003 and the intervening years have seen our role broaden, including significant increase to our digital presence, and our online and offline public engagement. The rebranding involved working with a design partner and included:
• Stakeholder consultation and market research
• Strategic analysis of the heritage and cultural sectors
• Design of multiple brand concepts
• Design of logo suite, brand guide
• User testing of graphic and brand propositions
• Design of a suite of key materials, publications and digital products (work we would routinely outsource to external designers regardless of the rebranding exercise).
Separately, and included in the rebranding contract is a major piece of work to create a distinct but related identity for a new charitable independent body that will exist alongside The National Archives, including:
• Stakeholder consultation
• Strategic and market analysis
• Multiple brand concepts
• Design of key materials and user testing