Trade unions and pay arrangements

FOI request reference: F0053970
Publication date: September 2018

Request and response

1) The names of the unions which are signatories to your main collective agreement covering pay and conditions

Public and Commercial Services union (PCS)

2) The number of employees covered by the agreement

On 31/07/18, the number of staff covered by the agreement was 510 (all staff except CEO and Executive Team)

3) A list of pay grades and current pay rates. Please indicate any agreed equivalence between the grade names used within the list and the following civil service grades:

a. Administrative Assistant (AA): Band B £18,252 – £20,845
b. Administrative Officer (AO): Band C £18,647 – £23,860
c. Executive Officer (EO): Band D £21,595 – £29,384
d. Higher Executive Officer (HEO): Band E £26,336 – £34,660
e. Senior Executive Officer (SEO): Band F £32,175 – £47,329
f. Grade 7: Band G £42,390 – £56,326
g. Grade 6: Band H £50,545 – £66,941

4)mA copy of your latest pay settlement. Please provide the following information on how any pay increase has been applied.

We do not hold a document called a ‘pay settlement.’ Arrangements for the pay settlement are agreed through a series of negotiations between the department, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and the unions, based on guidance provided by the Cabinet Office.

The latest pay settlement arrangements were for the year 01/04/17 – 31/03/18.

a. Is the paybill increase based on the 1% set by the Treasury? Yes
b. Have there been any changes to the pay scales? Yes, revalorised by 1%
c. Are progression payments being paid? No
d. Are performance-related bonuses being paid? If so, what are the arrangements for performance-related bonuses? Yes, awarded to staff achieving an ‘exceeds’ rating on their annual performance review.