Woking High School Academy Trust

FOI request reference: F0048451
Publication date: March 2017


Please provide all records of financial transactions made by the National Archives to Woking High School Academy Trust.


No information held


I can confirm that all relevant financial systems have been reviewed and no transactions can be found. Therefore the information you are interested in is not held by The National Archives as we have not made any financial transactions to the Working High School Academy Trust.

Please note the review of our financial information was from the 1st January 2000 to the present.

It may help your research if I explain The National Archives role. We are the official archive and publisher for the UK government and guardians of over 1,000 years of iconic national documents. We are a non-ministerial government department.

Additionally we are expert advisers in information and records management and are a cultural, academic and heritage institution. We fulfil a leadership role for the archive sector and work to secure the future of physical and digital records.

Therefore it is unlikely we would make financial payments to a school. You may wish to contact the school themselves, the relevant local authority or Ofsted, the Government inspectorate for schools.