Annual Digital Lecture

Exploration of digital ideas is an important part of our archival work. The Annual Digital Lecture offers the opportunity to hear from a leading speaker on a topic related to digital research, along with a poster exhibition showcasing the innovative digital work taking place at The National Archives.

Details of our next annual event will be posted to this page in due course.

Algorithms of Oppression, 2 April 2019

This year’s lecture took place at The National Archives on 2 April. Dr. Safiya Noble (University of Southern California) spoke at the event and led a discussion on her new book ‘Algorithms of Oppression’.

The lecture looked at how search engines could have an impact on marginalization and misrepresentation in society. The event was followed by a poster display. You can view a recording of the live stream on YouTube.

Last year’s lecture was on the topic of the ‘Semantic Capital’, led by Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the University of Oxford. You can listen to a podcast from the event here.

If you’re interested in our Annual Digital Lecture, take a look at Digital Experimentation workshops.