Our public services

Find out how many documents we deliver to the public, both on site and online, and how people rate our services. You can also view Your feedback to see the comments we receive through our Your views form and the action we have taken.

Content provided in this section is additional to that required by the Government’s transparency commitments.

Documents we deliver to the public

Last year we supplied more than 270 million documents online to our customers, and more than 500,000 documents on site.  View a detailed breakdown of on site and online documents delivered since 2010 here.

Documents delivered on site (XLS, 40 KB)

Documents delivered online (XLS, 39 KB)

Original documents delivered within 60 minutes (XLS, 35 KB)

Visitors to The National Archives

We currently collect data regarding the number of visitors to The National Archives. The link below provides a breakdown of these visitors.

The number for readers represents the total number of day visits to the document reading rooms within a calendar month; event attendees represents the total attendance at events held on site as part of the ‘What’s on’ programme within a calendar month; and education visits represents the total number of individual students (ranging from ages 5 to 18, Key Stages 1–5) who attend taught sessions on site within a calendar month.

Visitors to The National Archives (XLS, 0.05 MB)

How users rate our services

We have carried out user surveys to assess customer satisfaction with The National Archives’ on site and online services. We have also measured satisfaction with our Legislation.gov.uk service. Feedback scores from these surveys are here. Content provided in this section is additional to that required by the Government’s transparency commitments.

Online satisfaction levels (XLS, 33 KB)

Onsite satisfaction levels (XLS, 37 KB)

Customer satisfaction – Legislation.gov.uk (XLS, 34 KB)

Customer satisfaction – UK Government Web Archive (XLS, 39 KB)

Calls to the Contact Centre

The Contact Centre is the First Point of Contact (FPoC) for all general enquiries, for the public and members of staff by telephone. It provides information on records and services alike, and refers customers to other institutions, record offices and archives as appropriate. The link below provides details of the number of calls received and answered during 2018–19 and 2019–20. Content provided in this section is additional to that required by the Government’s transparency commitments.

Calls to the Contact Centre in 2019–20 (XLS, 0.03 MB)

Calls to the Contact Centre in 2018–19 (XLS, 0.03 MB)

Complaints feedback (details of complaints will appear two to three months in arrears)

Complaints feedback: 2019–2020

August 2019 (XLS, 0.07 MB)

July 2019 (XLS, 0.01 MB)

June 2019 (XLS, 0.05 MB)

May 2019 (XLS, 0.05 MB)

April 2019 (XLS, 0.07 MB)

Complaints feedback: 2018–2019

March 2019 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

February 2019 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

January 2019 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

December 2018 (XLS, 0.05 MB)

November 2018 (XLS, 0.07 MB)

October 2018 (XLS, 0.06 MB)

September 2018 (XLS, 0.05 MB)

August 2018 (XLS, 0.05 MB)

July 2018 (XLS, 0.07 MB)

June 2018 (XLS, 0.07 MB)

May 2018 (XLS, 0.08 MB)

April 2018 (XLS, 0.08 MB)

Complaints feedback: 2017–2018

March 2018 (XLS, 0.08 MB)

February 2018 (XLS, 0.08 MB)

January 2018 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

December 2017 (XLS, 0.08 MB)

November 2017 (XLS, 0.11 MB)

October 2017 (XLS, 0.08 MB)

September 2017 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

August 2017 (XLS, 0.09 MB

May 2017 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

June 2017 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

July 2017 (XLS, 0.09 MB)

April 2017 (XLS, 0.05 MB)

Complaints feedback: 2016–2017

March 2017 (XLS, 0.06MB)

February 2017 (XLS, 0.08MB)

January 2017 (XLS, 0.06MB)

December 2016 (CSV, 0.03MB)

November 2016 (CSV, 0.04MB)

October 2016 (CSV, 0.03MB)

September 2016 (CSV, 0.03MB)

August 2016 (CSV, 0.03MB)

July 2016 (CSV, 0.03MB)

June 2016 (CSV, 1KB)

May 2016 (CSV, 6KB)

April 2016 (CSV, 4KB)

Complaints feedback: 2015–2016

March 2016 (CSV)

February 2016 (CSV, 3KB)

January 2016 (CSV, 3KB)

December 2015 (CSV, 3KB)

November 2015 (CSV,4KB)

October 2015 (CSV, 34KB)

September 2015 (CSV, 28KB)

August 2015 (CSV, 28KB)

July 2015 (CSV, 28.5KB)

June 2015 (CSV, 28KB)

May 2015 (CSV, 2KB)

April 2015 (CSV, 3KB)

Complaints feedback: 2014–2015

March 2015 (CSV, 5 KB)

February 2015 (CSV, 4 KB)

January 2015 (CSV, 3 KB)

December 2014 (CSV, 2 KB)

November 2014 (CSV, 4 KB)

October 2014 (CSV, 4 KB)

September 2014 (CSV, 4 KB)

August 2014 (CSV, 4 KB)

July 2014 (CSV, 4 KB)

June 2014 (CSV, 5 KB)

May 2014 (CSV, 4 KB)

April 2014 (CSV, 5 KB)