Record transfer report for local bodies 2016

The National Archives carries out an annual survey of public sector organisations that are required to transfer their records to local archive services (Places of Deposit) under the Public Records Act. The survey is undertaken on behalf of the Keeper of Public Records as part of his statutory duty to co-ordinate the actions of these public bodies under the Act. The responses will help us to monitor the progress of record transfers for all organisations affected by the change to the 20-year rule.

Representatives from the following types of organisations are required to complete the survey:

  • Prisons, remand centers, secure training centers or young offenders’ institutions
  • Coroners’ courts
  • Magistrates’ courts
  • National Health Authorities, NHS Trusts or Foundations in England
  • Health Boards or NHS Trusts in Wales
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups

The 2016 survey closed on Friday 10 February 2017. Results from the 2016 survey will be published shortly.

Information about taking part in the 2017 survey will be available in due course. You can use the questions and guidance from the 2016 survey to help you prepare your answers for 2017.

Why take part in this survey?

Completing this survey gives your organisation an opportunity to accurately reflect on your current record keeping, and helps you organisation work towards compliance with the Public Records Act and 20-year rule changes.

The survey is made up of three sections asking you about

  • your organisation
  • your contact details
  • your records

Consulting our guidance first will help you to complete the survey, and will provide further information on the Public Records Act and 20 year rule changes.

If you have any problems completing the survey, email