Supplying publications to MEPs

UK Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are eligible to receive up to two copies of any qualifying UK Official publication. The scheme mirrors the scheme provided for Members of the UK Parliament and ensures that MEPs have access to legislation, parliamentary and other UK Official materials which they need to perform their role and represent UK interests within the European Parliament.

Who qualifies for a subsidy?

The scheme is open to all United Kingdom Members of the European Parliament.

Qualifying publications for the MEP scheme

MEPs are eligible to receive up to two copies of any UK Official publication that satisfies the following conditions:

It is published by or on behalf of

  • the United Kingdom Parliament
  • the Scottish Parliament
  • the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • the National Assembly for Wales
  • a United Kingdom Government Department or Agency
  • an inter-governmental organisation on which the United Kingdom Government is represented, provided that the publication is on sale in the United Kingdom

It does not fall into any of the following categories:

  • official or popular histories
  • technical and scientific publications
  • works of reference
  • maps and charts (except maps of MEP’s own constituency area)
  • publications of an artistic or cultural nature

The final decision on the eligibility of a particular publication rest with The National Archives. If there is any doubt about eligibility, please contact us.

Further information

Any queries regarding the scope of the scheme, or the processing of claims, should be directed to