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Our taught sessions and online resources cover a variety of time periods and places. Many contain structured investigations for use directly in the classroom. Others are more suited for research and preparation. They all allow access into our unique collections.

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Classroom resource

19th century prison ships

What do these documents reveal about attitudes to crime and punishment?
Classroom resource

A medieval mystery

Can you decode the dark secrets of the cartoon above?
Classroom resource

A Victorian prison

Why were Victorian Prisons so tough?
Classroom resource

Adolf Hitler

Was Hitler a 'passionate lunatic'?
Session we teach

All pals together

Would you like to meet our tommy, Henry Fairhurst?
Classroom resource

Belsen concentration camp 1945

What did the British find when they entered Belsen concentration camp?
Classroom resource

Bound for Britain

Experiences of immigration to the UK
Classroom resource

Bussa’s rebellion

How and why did the enslaved Africans of Barbados rebel in 1816?
Classroom resource

Cats and mice

What tactics were used by suffragettes, police and government?
Classroom resource

Chamberlain and Hitler 1938

What was Chamberlain trying to do?
Classroom resource

Civil Rights in America

Follow the progress of the struggle through the archives
Classroom resource

Convincing the Colonies

How did Britain try to keep the support of the people of West Africa?
Classroom resource

Eden’s last stand

Why did Anthony Eden resign in 1938?
Classroom resource

Fifties Britain

Never so good? Or too good to be true?
Classroom resource

General Haig

Butcher of the Somme or hero of Amiens?
Classroom resource

Henry VIII court rules

How did Henry VIII get up in the morning?
Classroom resource

Hitler assassination plan

How did the British plan to kill Hitler?
Classroom resource

Jutland: Death at sea

Were lives wasted when the Indefatigable sank?
Classroom resource

Life aboard the Titanic

Who travelled on the fateful maiden voyage?
Classroom resource

School dinners

Why were school dinners brought in?
Classroom resource


How did the Abolition Acts of 1807 and 1833 affect the slave trade?
Classroom resource

World Cup 1966

Did England rig the result?
Classroom resource

Zeppelin raids

How did First World War Zeppelin raids affect British civilians?