Why managing change is important

 If information is not managed through the process of reorganisation:

  • vital operational records could be lost or corrupted and the receiving organisation may be unable to locate or access the information they need in order to carry out their business effectively
  • the transferring organisation will be at risk of failing to comply with information legislation, such as the Freedom of Information Act, Data Protection Act, Public Record Act and guidelines on data handling
  • time and resources may be wasted transferring or storing information that is no longer required
  • the receiving organisation may not have the rights to use and re-use the transferred information
  • the receiving organisation may be unable to account for their decisions, past actions or provide evidence to an inquiry or to demonstrate the authenticity of their information
  • vital administrative records may be lost or corrupted such as pension records which may be required many years later

Good management and transfer of information and records can help:

  • improve efficiency and save money by ensuring that only relevant information is transferred
  • organisations to comply with legislation
  • safeguard the public record, ensuring it remains available for future use and re-use
  • support ongoing policy making and public service delivery